Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Modern Magnificence, A Beautiful Dresser Makeover

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I bought this dresser at a yard sale, the finish was bad, but it was still good and sturdy.

I sanded the top because the finish was very worn.  I lean toward curves and scrolls etc, but I have to admit sanding something flat is so easy!  The top looked so good that I decided to sand the front.  Then the front looked so good I decided to go ahead and sand the whole thing.
At this point I was still planning to use some bright coloured paint somewhere on this thing.

I stained the top and front and was going to paint the rest, but I just couldn't commit to a colour.

I decided to move on to choosing hardware since I couldn't decide on a colour. 
 So... go modern?

Old school?

Add a little bling? (Always a good choice.)

And the winner is...

I love these little guys!

Now the problem with choosing the modern hardware is that I needed to cover the little holes left by the old hardware.  I had a few ideas but settled on this one, numbers.  At this point I was planning to paint the rest of the dresser white to match the numbers.  I asked my friend Laura what she thought and she suggested leaving the trim natural.  After much thought I decided to stain the sides and leave the rest natural.  It was a "natural" choice for this one, and I believe it was the right choice.

I know I probably say this every time, but I really LOVE this one!

I know this deserves some gorgeous background and beautiful staging, but my workshop is on the second story of my little building and I just can't wrestle my furniture around by myself (well, not once the finish is so pretty at least), and I can never wait to get them posted, so please try to ignore the mess and just feast your eyes on the beauty of the piece. :)

I think I will take wheels off of it, but for now it was so nice to easily be able to wheel it around to work on it, that I think I will leave them on for now.

Big news here, in less than 2 weeks My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I are heading to Croatia.  Croatia is my husbands homeland and he has never been back since he came to Canada as an orphan in 1972.  When we get home from there I am taking a year off work, possibly leading to retirement.  We have starting gutting a stone house that we own, and are planning on redoing the whole house.  Life is going to be getting busier than ever!

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Blue Moon, You Saw Me Painting Alone; Blue Dresser Makeover

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This dresser was one of my daughter's finds at a garage sale.  She finds me great stuff and totally supports my junking habit!
At first glance it looks like it's in great shape, but it did have some problems.  I filled some holes and sanded it down to get rid of some ugly looking stuff.

The veneer on one side has gone wavy, I have painted over it but am not sure if I am going to leave it like that or scrape it off and repaint, the jury is still out.
I painted the whole thing in a soft blue, I struggled with whether to add a design that would enhance the little bit of original carved design on the drawers, or ignore it and go ahead with something more bold.  I decided to go with a bold design.  As I was cutting out the stencil my plan was to paint it with white or silver, but I was leaning toward white, once I put the stencil on it I realized it needed to be black.  In the '70's my cousin had a baby blue Plymouth Duster with black stripes, since painting this dresser blue I couldn't get that colour combination out of my head.

The picture above is a look at my first attempt.  It was still lacking, so I added to the design in the top right corner and decided to carry it onto the top.

Now the ever present question, to antique or not to antique?  You guessed it, antiquing won out again.  I love the clean crisp look of fresh paint, but also love it when a little character is added.

I spray painted the original hardware, and it's done! 

Isn't she pretty?

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lady in Red, Dining Table Makeover

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I loved this table as soon as I saw it.  I love the shape of the legs.

Although I liked the grain of the wood, I knew I didn't want to strip it, I decided to paint it and leave some of the grain showing through.

Do you see the grain peeking through on the legs and the apron of the table.
I made stencils with my Silhouette machine, and stenciled the designs on.  That might sound easy, but in truth it took over 10 hours to choose a design, size it properly, pick out the coordinating design for the edges, cut it, prepare it for painting, etc.

But, you know me, once I have a vision in my mind, I need to carry it out.

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

One Armed Bandit; Side Chair Makeover

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This poor old girl was in very good shape, a little blah, and the poor dear only had one arm.  She was very sturdy and definitely worth making over.  She was given to me because her owner was pretty sure I would see her worth.  She had been previously made over, and was done very well.

You can see by her insides that she is older than she looked.  Since I removed her other arm, I had to add support on the sides so that she won't loosen up and get wobbly.  You can see her original fabric right below my left hand.  It was sort of a gold brocade I think.

She looks likes she is getting younger every day!

I'm thinking about painting her legs, but for today, here she is.

How do you like her now?

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Vintage Window + Silhouette Cameo; Vintage window project.

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Last week while I was challenging myself to 3 pieces of furniture in 10 days I got sick.  Not terribly sick, but just sick, and so tired I didn't do much for 3 days.  Those of you who know me know that too
much down time drives me crazy, so during that time I made this little project.

The window is approximately 24" X 24"
I love this phrase!

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Personal Challenge, Three Pieces of Furniture in 10 Days; Piece #3; Entrance Bench Makeover: I did it!!!

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I have challenged myself to makeover 3 pieces of furniture in 10 days.  Husband left on a holiday, youngest son left a couple of days later to meet up with him and older brothers, daughter lives out of town, this left me home alone.  Heaven!  Now let it be known, I love my family and  I don't want to live alone forever, but a week sounds great!

This is the first piece I tackled, but the last of the three that I finished. This is a fairly new piece for me, I've only had it since August, it kind of butted in line because of it's size.  I need it out of my way. In the above pic you see the top, and the next picture is the bottom.  I had done some filling earlier and it required sanding before I could prime.

I started by priming it with Zinser 123.  I actually liked this look.

I don't know what is going on with me lately, but I'm having such a hard time deciding what colour to paint things.  I was trying to choose between gray and white, and the next day started painting it turquoise, who knew?

After a couple of coats I antiqued it with black.  Once that dried I had to decide on a fabric for the seat. Decisions, decisions...
The mirror was broken, so I repaired that. I reupholstered the seat after taking several hours to decide on a fabric (seriously, it took me so long that I actually did another project in the meantime) and put it all back together.

 I guess it was worth all that indecision because I think I got it right. I love it, now I wonder why I doubted myself along the way.

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chaise Lounge Makeover; I'm Challenging Myself, 3 Pieces of Furniture in 10 Days; Piece #2

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My friend Laura found this piece, and had no room for it.  Yay, lucky me, I managed to sneak squeeze it into my stash.  I am trying to move some of my bigger pieces out of storage because I need room to work in my workshop.  I also felt like doing some upholstery, but not a hard one.

It looks like it's in good shape, but actually the edges were torn up.  Originally I planned to take the headrest part out and maybe add some armrests, but it would have been a big project so I decided to just go with it the way it was.

I tried out my new staple gun for the first time, it was pretty awesome.  I had a little problem with it jamming, but on the whole it was great.  Way better than my electric stapler, and I couldn't even go back to a manual stapler after this.

A picture of the new bottom before I turn it over to have a look at the top.

It was hard to get a good picture of it, this will have to do.

I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I might make some cushions for it.

Well, that's piece #2, third piece is almost done.  Tomorrow is really my last day to work on things, so I guess it was really a 9 day challenge.

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